The FORT Podcast: Mike Berry

Mike Berry is the President of Hillwood, one of the top industrial, commercial, and residential real estate developers in the country. He has been the leader of development efforts in AllianceTexas, one of the largest global logistics hubs in the world. They discuss how Alliance developed from concept to reality, the future of transportation for both people and freight in the next decade, autonomous vehicles, and buying your home online. This is one of our most fascinating episodes—enjoy!

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03:25 — Mike’s Journey Before Hillwood
08:00 — The Story of Hillwood
10:40 — Creation of AllianceTexas
16:00 — Could something like this deal ever come together in today’s world?
18:27 — What is a foreign trade zone, and how do you get a foreign trade zone designation?
22:00 — Was the AllianceTexas vision originally to become a city?
25:40 — Growth of Mike’s Leadership
29:36 — Alliance’s Mobility Innovation Zone (This is really, really cool!)
36:09 — Why DFW/Hillwood Offers a Better Testing Site
39:25 — Freight & Human Capital in Autonomous Driving/Vehicles
43:23 — What is it like to be inside these forward-thinking businesses, like Amazon?
48:09 — What is something you would say the world will have in 10 years that people will find shocking?
50:39 — Talent at Hillwood
52:31 — New Trends in Residential Living
1:00:16 — How have you been able to balance work and your family?
1:01:50 — What advice would you give your 21-year-old self?
1:05:03 — Mike’s Role Models
1:08:09 — Picking Sides & Effort to Build a Building
1:11:40 — The NextDoor Analogy: Determining Market Demand & Slowing the Process

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